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Welcome to my website. I am glad that you got interested in my profile.


My name is Tomasz Dylewski, I am an experienced 33 years old IT-Technican from Poland.
I live in Munich since 2009 and I am currently working as a Software Developer for MIFCOM GmbH.


I have the title of IT-Technican. Since 2011 I'm bound with MIFCOM GmbH, a company that offers custom-built High-End PC,
where I've worked as PC-Technician, Installation-Technician, Software Developer and Team Leader in Installation and Quality Control Department.


I've got a wide array of IT Skills, both Hardware and Software.

I'm able to prepare PC configurations, assemble a PC including Water-Cooling, test functionality and performance of the components,
install operating systems, write scripts and develop software in a few languages.


Outside interests related to my profession I deal with amateur sailing. As a member of the Navicula association I am actively promoting tourism
on the water on the trail of Elblag Canal and its surroundings.


I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the contents of my website and to contact me.


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